When it comes to what Michael enjoys about his life the most, the outdoors definitely would be the first answer from anyone who knows him at least a little.  Of course not to forget about family and friends, his passion for nature is something that words cannot explain.  Hunting, Fishing, Outdoor Photography, Camping, etc.., the list could go forever as long as it includes being part of Gods beautiful creation.

As soon as he could walk, his father had him in the boat trying to pull in those monster little panfish with his snoopy rod.  Over the years,   Mike’s passion grew and he fished many local club tournaments, mainly he fished bass tournaments in MN.  Bass and Walleye was the main target that he pursued growing up.  Mike was later introduced into Muskie fishing.   He took that passion to the next step and worked as a successful part time professional muskie guide in the Minneapolis, MN area for 3 years.  It was such an accomplishment for him to share the experience with others.  He loves to take new people duck hunting, fishing, or anywhere in the woods or on the lake.  Watching the new people get hooked on the outdoors is just as good as doing it himself.

He has been married for about a year and his wife’s passion for music brought them to Nashville, TN.   When Michael was a child, he always made sure he had a camera in his pocket.  Especially when fishing and hunting with his father.   His passion and experience for photography has grown tremendously in the past few years.  He is combining his love for fishing, outdoors and photography and taking it to a whole new level.  He can capture that fish of a lifetime like no one else!  He will capture the whole fishing trip, from the fishing to the battle to the catch!  The outcome will be pictures that tell the story over and over again and will hold onto the experience forever!