Subfreezing Kayak Fishin!

A few weeks back, I got a text from a good friend of some very nice fish that he had been catching.  I just had to join in on the fun, so Chris, Craig, and I met at the boat ramp at 5:30 am.  It was 19 degrees out and the steam was just rolling off the water.  We unloaded our paddle crafts and were en route to the "hotspot."  After getting some good hits and a hook up on the way out, we were finally set up at the "Bar", a barrier that has been put up that we cannot cross due to construction.  

A few casts into the morning and we all begin to hook up.  Fish are busting the surface and they are doing their best to hammer my topwater baits!  Chris ended up having the "hot stick" that day as he managed to fool 6 nice striper, I put 3 in my yak and Craig and a few others did their share of setting hooks into fish also.

Was it worth getting up at 3:45 in subfreezing temps, dealing with iced reels and having the eyes on your fishing rod completely ice up?  Absolutely!  For the pictures alone it was!

Until next time....Keep Livin' Your Dream!