Tn Ducks!

I have had a passion for chasing waterfowl since I have been barely able to walk.  It all started when I trailed behind my father carrying a stick, pretending it was a firearm.  When I turned 11, I toted around a single shot 20 guage, that on my first hunt, I almost shot an entire box of shells, without even tickling a duck!

When I moved to Tennessee 3 years ago, I fell out of the duck hunting scene a little bit.  I had no one to hunt with, and I didn't really know where to go.  A few hunts here and there over the past few seasons was all I did. 

This year, I got back into my passion.  I started hunting more often, with friends and solo.  I didn't harvest a ton of ducks, but it sure felt good to get back to the duck blind!  The sunrises,  laughter, story telling, jokes, breakfast in the blind,  and so much more are what makes it a special place.  Until next season...

Here are a few highlights!